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HALL ROCKET, Trainwreck Clone built by Hall Amplification. 

All Original and with endless tone! 

Hall Amplification are the top of the heap for TW style amps.  

A very special amp and hard to get ! 

 Check it out Here!-                 From forum-"Dana Hall.. Hallamplification. Supplies many manufacturers with VVR. Hi Tone being 1. He lives 15 minutes from me. His brother Richie live 5 minutes away.



Dana was friends with Ken Fischer for years and years and was at his home and stayed there many times.

When Ken died... Dana was voted on the Trainwreck forum to be the 1 to make the... Ken Fischer Tribute amp.


Dana knows his TR's.

Richie knows Watkins Dominator and anything Marshall especially the 18 watter.

They have a business but mainly do their own stuff and say if I wanted something done?? It would take a good while as they are very busy. Richie has also been having hand troubles on and off for years and has had several surgeries."

Ex condition


Hall Rocket

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