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Mike Reeder


Mike started his Vintage Musical Instrument business with a handful of his own guitars in the basement of his house 27 years ago, and has continued to collect as well as deal in vintage gear now for decades. Mike's Music has become one of the world's largest vintage guitar stores, and highly regarded among professional musicians, players, collectors and investors. Mike has consulted for hundreds of 'Rockstars', high-profile customers, and professionals during their visits to Mike's Music, and also on-hand at venues. These include the likes of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Bob Dylan Band, Stone Temple Pilots, Tom Waits , Judas Priest, Ozzy Osborne, Oasis, Paul McCartney Band, Cheap Trick, Sheryl Crow, ZZ Top,and U2 among many.
Mike consulted with Gibson on various Vintage Guitar replica projects out of his collection, and now has his own Collector's Choice Historic 59 Reissue Les Paul Standard with True Historic features called 'The Mike Reeder Burst' .  Mike has been a contributor for over 20 years to 'The Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide'. The Guide is the world's leading reference on the value of vintage and collectible instruments.
Mike is also a contributor and moderator to many Vintage guitar websites, group, books and magazines. These include 'Burst Believers' books 1-2-3 &4, Ultimate Guitar Magazine, 'Vintage Gibson Serial Numbers', 'Vintage Flying V', 'Collectible Guitars', 'Vintage Gibson Guitars', 'Vintage Epiphone Guitars', and 'Vintage Fender Guitars'. 
Mike is an Arts and Entertainment writer for 'Northern Kentucky Scene' and has been a contributor to many publications as well.
He has been a featured story and on the cover of '20th Century Guitar', 'Cincy Magazine', 'Vintage Guitar Magazine', 'Musician Merchandise Review', and 'Vintage Guitare Magazine'. He has also had articles written in many other publications, including 'Cincinnati Enquirer', 'Cincinnati Post', 'Midwest Music Supply', 'Tone Quest', and 'Vintage Guitare Magazine'.
As an active Musical Instrument Appraiser and Interviewer for the Kentucky Collectibles TV show on PBS/KET, Mike has had many of his own specials and feature episodes, including half hour specials interviewing people such as Vince Gill, Joe Bonamassa , Greg Martin, and Ed King.
Mike has had specials and interviews on other tv shows about him personally, including 'PBS/KET', 'The Business Show', 'ClassX Radio', 'Ungarde Music Podcast'. Also a documentary was done on him by 'The Live Collection'. Here is a link to an interview on WNKU .
Mike stays active locally as a board member for Jolly Park CDC and Founding Music Chair for Festival on the Lake.
In addition to performing/writing and producing music in many bands such as Soulgroup, Chalk Eye, Muleshine, LOVECRUSH 88 and The Mudpies. Mike has shared the stage with amazing players in the past including John Fink, Rob Fetters, Steve Earle, Ric Hordinski, Noah Witherspoon, Jess Lamb and many more.  
Mike is currently working on transforming the Mike's Music Covington location into 'Village Sound Stage', a full Audio and Video Production house. 
Mike Reeder is available for clinics in 2018. Please inquire at for details.  

"Vintage Guitars are in Mike Reeder’s DNA. They are front and center in his daily life. No one knows more about or appreciates vintage instruments more than Mike. This is very apparent when you look at the list of music heavy weights that started as clients and now call him friend. Trusted, fair and very cool!" 

Steve Shaffer-Producer/Director KET/PBS

"I 've know Mike since he moved his store to Vine st give or take 20 years ago. I 've bought dozen of guitars from him, from early Fenders, Broadcaster and Strats to 50s Les Paul , acoustics, amps and basses, pedals and everything in between. His knowledge and tremendous hands on experience with vintage and fine instruments is very impressive. Reading a book or nowadays becoming an online expert is one thing, having thousands of guitars in your hands to actually feel, hear and see for yourself is another level of experience. Passion drives Mike, even after so many years, his eyes sparkle and his smile lights up the room when we open the case of a newly arrived instrument. He is a working musician and always has been, before he was a "dealer". He understands in depth what musicians want and his attitude reflects that. No matter if you are a celebrity or a 15 year old kid, he will treat you with the same respect. 

I have met very few people in this business who have such an eclectic and comprehensive taste. His personal collection,ranges from the iconic Bursts to odd balls Japanese guitars from the 60s and @Michael Spalt bass. That to me reflects how deep his passion for music, instruments, art & design run. People like Mike are few and far between, trust is the most important element of a relationship with a vintage guitar dealer or anyone related to antiques and collectible for that matter. I trust Mike and have for 20 years, if what you're looking for isn't in his inventory, he will go above and beyond to find it and will not disappoint."

Duke Antoine Mikail Poray Gedroyc the Third-Founder CEO Vintage Tone Project - Writer

"Mike has been one of my go-to dealers for nearly 20 years and I’ve picked up some great pieces from him.  He gained me as a fan when he showed up at my home with a van load.  I live 5 hours away!" 

Ed King- Musician,Guitarist Lynyrd Skynyrd, Strawberry Alarm Clock,  Writer of Sweet Home Alabama

"Mike Reeder has been in the vintage guitar business for decades. You wanna know why ?...It's because he knows what he's doing and has years of experience to back it up. We need more dealers in the vintage guitar biz like Mike. Carry on Mike and thank you !!"

Vic DaPra - Founder of Guitar Gallery , Vintage Guitar Expert and  Author of Burst Believers 1-2-3-4

"Mike (Reeder) has been in the business for decades,  dealing true vintage at the highest levels of the business. There are very few dealers with Mike's knowledge, he knows the difference between value and price. I check in with him monthly to keep up with the market. "

Timm Kummer- Kummer's Vintage Instruments

"There's no better regional authority on vintage guitars than Mike Reeder, so it's always an honor to have him host a vintage guitar clinic at Herzog Music. Not only does he bring priceless instruments from his personal collection, but he captures the attention of the audience with his personal 'rock star' stories, and enriches us all with insider knowledge of industry trends, helping us all to better understand the instruments we play."

Bill Furbee - Director of Operations, Cincinnati Music Heritage Foundation/Historic Herzog Studios



With Country Music Legend Vince Gill
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