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  • Powerful "Analog Modeling" synthesizer module with 40 knobs and sliders for intuitive sound creation and sonic manipulation
  • Seven onboard waveforms: Super Saw, Triangle Modulation, Noise, Feedback Oscillator, Square (PWM), Sawtooth, Triangle
  • 10-voice polyphony and Unison function for analog sounds reminiscent of the best classic synths
  • External Audio Synthesis allows for processing external audio sources using synthesizer filter, amplifier and multi-effects
  • Voice Modulator allows external Mic/Vocal/Instrument input to be processed in real time using one of three unique modes: Formant Filter, Filter Bank, and Vocal Morph Control
  • Three independent onboard effects: Delay, Multi-FX including Chorus, Flanger and Distortion
  • Onboard Motion Control records all slider and knob movements for "hands-free" playback
  • Knob movements can be output via MIDI
  • Onboard Arpeggiator and Realtime Phrase Sequencing (RPS) capability
  • Bank and Number buttons, Preview functions, dedicated MIDI Remote Keyboard In, and SmartMedia storage

Roland JP-8080 Analog Modeling Synthesizer Module

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