The Proteus 2 is an economical one-space module consisting of your basic rock and pop sounds. It has 4 MB of orchestral sounds from the EIII library. These include various strings, horns, flutes and more. Patch 125 is called "whistli'n joe and was made incredibly famous as it was used for the X-Files theme song!

The Proteus offers professional features such as full 16-part MIDI multitimbrality, 32-voice polyphony, 16-bit ROM samples, six individual polyphonic outputs and extensive editing and modulation capabilities. There is also E-mu's RMidiPatchS that allows direct real-time control of over 40 parameters for keyboard, midi controllers, internal LFOs and envelopes. 

This unit is an XR version. This stands for extended RAM. These units are fitted with doubled the RAM and memory up to 8MB, adding another 192 of user patches (128 preset / 64 user) for a total of 384 patches. $249

1990’s ,E-MU Proteus/2 XR Orchestral Sound 1U MIDI Sound Module & Extended RAM