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1956 Gibson Southern Jumbo, It's been around , but it sounds really good. Tuners are reissues, correct type but with metal buttons. No routing for them or extra screw holes, originals could easily be put on. There's 2 letter glide stickers EH on headstock, easily removed. Inside some old glue slop from an old brace reglue and also someone painted part of the center seam black and wrote 1942. The SJ also had some black touchup around the bridge and over a big worn spot on top which has now been removed, probably the same artist. There is a big area on top with no finish and also significant gouges around the bridge and sound hole. Also the center seam was opened and reglued on the top. 1 pearl dot is missing from the bridge. There is 2 cracks on top that are closed not real bad, considering the rest, they are by the guard and under bass side bridge. There is some finish wear from play on back of the neck, normal stuff and some pitting on board and frets but stills plays all the notes well and sounds very good. Back and sides and neck are un repaired and original.

1956 Gibson Southern Jumbo

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